Giáo án Tiếng Anh 5 – Family & Friends – Unit 6 – Lesson 1 – Period 79

Tiếng Anh lớp 5 Unit 6 lesson 2
Tiếng Anh lớp 5 Unit 6 lesson 2

SEMESTER 2 – Unit 6 – Lesson 1 – Period 79 Lesson 1 – Words Objectives: – to practice the spelling of clothes and review these and this. Topic – Language target Resources and Teaching Aids Key Activities KEY LANGUAGE FOCUS: Writing – Speaking – Listening KEY VOCABULARY Clothes gloves skirt shirt boots scarf jeans SENTENCE PATTERN These are .. This is a . Resources WORKBOOK p.40 Teaching Aids: Flashcards – 51-56 Clothes Introduction aWarm up: Review clothes. Put the children in teams of 6. Ask one child from each team to come to you. Put anagrams for each of the clothes one at a time on the board e.g. kistr (skirt). The first child to write it correctly gets a point. aShow the flashcards of the clothes one by one and say the words for the children to repeat. Development a Ask the children to look at exercise 1 on page 40 in their workbooks and elicit what they can see in the pictures. a The children do exercise 1. aOn the board this and these. Show the flashcards of the clothes and ask the children to tell you if it is this or these and write in the correct column. aThe children do exercise 2. a Hold the flashcards 51 – 56 up one at a time with a piece of paper covering the picture. Slowly reveal the picture and elicit a sentence for each one. e.g. These are boots. Consolidation aJump: Play jump with the class with the flashcards. Hold up the flashcards one by one. If the word you say and the flashcard matches the children jump. If it doesn’t match the children shout out the correct word.

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